Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday Jan. 19th (Psalms 6,7,8)

As we've been learning and studying in our Sunday morning series where Nehemiah spent a considerable amount of time in prayer seeking God's "Will" and "Favor".

In Psalms, we find a continual pattern of prayer.

(Psalm 6) David was ill - we don't know exactly what was wrong, but David had prayed to God for a long period of time. So long that David felt like God had left him, because David saw no answers to his prayers. In vs 6, David doesn't find any elegant words to pray, but just tells God, "I am worn out from groaning; I flood my bed with weeping and drench my couch with tears". David was not praying two sentence prayers from time to time, but said that he'd cried so much that his couch was drenched. I think about when we run in from the rain and there are a few wet spots on our shirt, compared to, when we get caught in a down pour where all we can do is change our cloths and dry off because there isn't a dry place that can be found on us. I'm sad to say - I've never prayed like that - I can't even say that I've come close. David is a witness to us, that when we feel that we've exhausted everything we have and still feel God isn't there - that He is still there. In vs 8-10, David has heard from the Lord.

(Psalm 7) Even David as a leader of Israel, doesn't take upon himself to deal with the wrongfulness of life's circumstances. We watch the news, read the paper, hear from other people the wrongs that are being done today, not only in our community, but all over the world. In this Psalms we read where somebody (Cush) had told someone else (King Saul) that someone (David) wanted to kill him - which isn't true. David tells the Lord that his refuge is in Him (God) and asks the Lord to take care of this problem. He continues to say, that if he (David) has done wrong in any way - to let him die. This is a gutsy prayer. David wants God to judge and pursue his enemies that are "pregnant with evil". And, God does. David later gives his thanks and praise to the Lord - The Lord Most High.

(Psalm 8) Many songs have been written with this Psalm as the song writers inspiration. This is a Psalm that man recognizes God as "I AM". Nothing that we've done or can ever do will touch God's Majesty. God created, God controls, God ordains, God judges, God answers, God loves, God rescues, God sustains, GOD - GOD - GOD.
When we read this - our world and our lives and the troubles we are facing become a lot less worrisome. Take heart - our God is an Awesome God !!!

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