Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday, January 22

As we read through Matthew 5-7 today, we are hit with so much Biblical truth on how we are to live. We are told to be the light of the world, not hiding our lights. We are taught about forgiveness and loving our enemies. We are taught how to pray. We are taught about the path we should take as believers. These chapters are just full of examples of how we are to live.

In chapter 6, verse 25-34 we are taught about something that I know I personally struggle with...worry. We are told that we don't need to worry. God loves us and we are valuable to him and so worry is pointless. I know that in these times of economic troubles and all the other troubles of the world, it is easy to worry. I struggle with worry too often. But I know that as these passages state, God will provide! I think this is an area that believers should step up on. We need to be setting the example of what it means to place all our trust in God for those in our world who are looking for hope.

All in all, these passages are helpful hints to us. We see clearly in just these three chapters that God does indeed give us a guidebook to use and that we aren't walking alone...He wants us to be following Him and what His Word says for our lives!

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