Sunday, January 16, 2011

Romans 5-6

Romans chapter 5 & 6

In our continued reading of Romans; we have discussed the different types of sinners and our need to place our faith in Jesus, in order to establish a bridge to God. Paul now, in chapter 5, turns to describing the great joy and honor of placing faith in Christ. In the New Living Translation, phrases such as “made right with God”, “to have peace with God” and “to be brought to a place of undeserved privilege”; all give light to the gift we receive when we place our faith in Christ.

Paul made similar statements about “being made right with God” in 2 Cor. 5. At the end of the chapter, the word “reconciled” is used frequently to describe the purpose and outcome of Jesus’ sacrifice for us. Paul explains that the Father gave his Son in order for us to be made right to Him(purpose). However, it goes on to mention that as a result, Christians are to go out and help others be reconciled to Christ (outcome). Because of this reconciliation Paul urged the believers, who understood suffering and sacrifice, to be assured that God is present even through hard times. In James Chapter 1, this same sentiment is used that God is faithful and believers need to endure and press on. The way we can reconcile others to God during trials is by being thankful and giving praise to Him. We should consider these opportunities to show others what our Lord has done and will do for us.

For the remainder of Chap 5, Paul contrasted the difference between Adam and Jesus. Once again Paul illustrates the need for Jesus’ intervention in our life; as Adam brought death with sin and Jesus brought life as God’s gift. Believers are to remember that we are made right with God through Jesus and not through Laws, religious behavior or completing a number of tasks.

In chapter 6, Paul used the idea of freedom and the image of slavery to illustrate our new life in Christ. He made clear that as Jesus died, believers are to die to sin and as Jesus rose from the dead so we rise anew and reborn. Believers are no longer to be slaves to the world and sin but instead slaves to a life in Christ. At the beginning of several letters, Paul frequent opened calling himself a slave to Christ. We as believers need to follow this role and devote our lives and actions towards God and avoid the trappings of sin.

What have you done lately to reconcile others to Christ?

Remember Invest, Invite, Involve.

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