Friday, January 28, 2011

God is Sovereign. He controls nations, history, people. In Isaiah 18 - 22 we find the prophet Isaiah speaking about the future of Egypt, Assyria, and Israel. Egypt, strong and mighty, and Israel, small and weak, one day will switch places. Egypt will come to Israel to worship the Lord of Hosts. Most scholars believe this is a reference to the millennial kingdom yet to come.

Isaiah in chapter 21 speaks against Babylon. The repeated cry "Fallen, Fallen is Babylon" emphasizes Babylon's final and total destruction (see Revelation 14:8, 18:2).

Isaiah continues to speak against Dumah, Arabia, and Israel. Dumah or also known as Edom pleads with the prophet to announce how much longer his nation must endure the darkness of its troubled history. The repetition of his question conveys his desperation.

The third oracle is directed at Arabia. The prophet declares that the prestige of Arabia will soon be humbled and her warriors reduced to a remnant. The ultimate reason for Arabia's decline is that the God of Israel declares it.

Finally in chapter 22, the prophet speaks an oracle concerning Jerusalem. Jerusalem will be destroyed because they have placed their salvation in themselves. In verses 12-13, Isaiah contrasts what the Lord God of hosts called for with what his unrepentant people called down on themselves.

In all these verses we see that God is Sovereign. He is Sovereign today. Nothing surprises Him. The sinfulness of man will not go unpunished. However, God is mericful and full of love. He desires all to come to Him. Don't misinterpret His grace with weakness. The Almighty God will do what He wills.

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