Sunday, January 30, 2011

Romans 9 & 10

Romans Chap 9 continues to address Paul’s plead for authenticity to achieve salvation. Paul continued to explain the transition from solely following the law as a means to reach heaven; to exclusively placing your faith in Jesus Christ to please and honor God. To illustrate the depth of his desire and love to see people saved; Paul was willing to forego his own salvation in order for others to receive an understanding of Jesus Christ and God’s love. The question we should ask ourselves everyday is what will we sacrifice in order to reach those who don’t know God yet.
As Paul speaks to the Gentiles the first important question arises; concerning who is apart of God’s family? Paul used Jewish history to illustrate how people do not receive salvation due to lineage and religiosity. It confirms there is nothing we can do achieve the ultimate gift by ourselves. We receive salvation through placing faith in Jesus Christ.
Paul also emphasized again, God’s sovereignty on deciding who comes to him and how people are used to achieve his plan. To confront a second question, Paul addressed how people may question God’s sovereignty. The analogy about the potter and the clay, answers the question by pointing out, the created cannot question the creator. In our own time, we are raised in an age where we question and have to know facts. We sometimes fail to take in who God is and what it means to be sovereign. His ways and his love are above our understanding. This is why complete faith God is necessary.

Romans Chap 10, Paul takes the opportunity to explain how to receive salvation and what to do with it once received. We should take chap. 10 as a call for believers to act. Paul first points out that salvation is an internal choice. It is not about deeds or following laws. These actions allow man to place faith in themselves. It is about confessing in your heart and on your lips that the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ has fulfilled the purpose of making us right with God. Thus making salvation for everyone. Paul went on to state that as believers, there is a public responsibility to spread the Good News (v.14-15). As Paul, we should all have the desire to bring people to Jesus; whether if it’s through mission work or just speaking to someone about the gift you have received. We should INVEST, INVITE and get INVOLVED.

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