Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday, March 15

Just a head's up...this isn't Bobby!!! Bobby is out of town and so he has asked me (Jenni) to do today's blog for him. Hope you're not disappointed :)

I must admit that in seeing what I got to blog on today, I was a bit excited. I love 1 Samuel 1-2! I know that we are reading chapters 1-5 today so forgive me if my focus stays in just these first two chapters.

Immediately in chapter one we are introduced to a man named Elkanah. We are also introduced to his two wives: Peninnah and Hannah. Hannah is a woman that I think many of us can relate to at times. She was bullied, she was unhappy, she didn't have the desire of her heart, and yet she took all this before God. Hannah didn't lay out a wish list before God. She didn't make demands to Him. Hannah simply and humbly laid her desires out before God and He listened.

Where I know I have trouble relating to Hannah is in her response to God's blessing. Hannah, who was barren, is given a son and she presents Him back to the Lord. A child is all that Hannah wanted and yet now that she has one, she gives Him back to God. How many of us truly give the blessings we have been given by God back to Him? And how many of us do it with rejoicing? Cause that is exactly what Hannah did! Not only did she take her son Samuel to live and be raised by Eli, the priest, but she then offered up a prayer to God that begins with, "My heart rejoices in the Lord; in the Lord my horn is lifted high..."

It is later as we continue to read in today's chapters and also in the upcoming weeks, that we will see how the Lord calls Samuel to His service and how he is used by God in amazing ways. I think it's amazing to see how such a well known man of God can be traced back to a humble woman's cry before God...prayer is powerful!

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