Thursday, March 24, 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011

Today we conclude our reading of the book of Isaiah. In these last 5 chapters, the prophet Isaiah gives hope to His people. Chapter 62 provides the reader with hope for the future. God will bring salvation to Zion. Then Isaiah focuses on the Lord's Vengeance on the enemies of Jerusalem. It is vital that God's people remain prayerful and supportive of Israel even now. Isaiah 63:15 begins a prayer for mercy. This is followed by a prophetic statement of how Israel will reject God's work and the Gentiles will welcome it. But God will continue to call His people Israel back to Him (verse 8). Isaish continues in verses 17 -25 to uses images to paint a magnificent poetic picture to describe the joys of the world to come. He describes a new heaven and a new earth. Lastly chapter 66 calls for all to humble themselves and present themselves with a constrite spirit. so that God will look with pleasure upon His people. How would you describe your heart today? Next week we begin the book of Jeremiah.

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