Thursday, May 19, 2011

(LATE) Thursday, May 12th

(Sorry for this late post. It seems the blog website was down last week.)

I made reference in last week’s blog about Elihu’s arrogance. In some ways I could sum up Job 37 with the Latin phrase; et cetera. On and on go the words of this young man who stated he has perfect knowledge (36:4)

Lest we be too unfair to Elihu he does make some great observations. He sees the power of Almighty God in nature and makes note of how it rocks mankind’s world. Sad to say that I believe we have lost some that in our day and time. Not that God’s power isn’t still turning the plans and schemes of man upside down; it’s just that so often we have forgotten to drop to our knees and say, “We remember you O Lord!” After all to do so would make us ignorant of how earthquakes and storm systems work, right? May we never forget that the power that moves us to the basement and interior room of our homes; the power that “gets our prayer life caught up,” is only a fraction of His might. We remember you, O Lord!!!

Speaking of YHWH God…. Wait for it… Wait for it… “Then the LORD answered Job out of the whirlwind…” (Job 38:1) The silence is over!!! Job was absolutely right; our Redeemer lives!!

God answers Job in “personal power.” Out of a whirlwind He speaks directly to the man. Many questions have been asked thus far. Now the Lord of all has some questions for Job. “Job… you’ve gone on about the day you were born?” “Were you there when the universe was born?” How’s that for perspective?

I am not going to comment very much more on chapter 38. I want you, the reader of this blog, to go back to chapter 38 and let it be personal. How many times have you doubted God’s plan for you? Remember the time that, in your heart of hearts, you did not feel like you could trust God with____?” I have been there as well.

Do yourself a huge favor today. Read Job 38 out loud. Go ahead… read it. At the end of ever question I want you to answer… out loud. How great it our God. He’s got the whole world in His hands; and for the record, that includes you and me.

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