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Have you ever gotten conflicting reports? The King of Judah found himself in this very situation. Jeremiah 27 provides a message from the prophet Jeremiah to the king. His message is that Judah is to serve Babylon for 70 years or face sword, famine, and pestilence. Jeremiah warns that any prophet saying otherwise is not of God. Sure enough a false prophet named Hananiah comes to the king prophecying that the yoke of the king of Babylon has been broken and that they would be free in two years. Jeremiah and Hananiah confront one another in the king's court. Jeremiah states that Hananiah will die for his deceit and he does within two months of this confrontation. A true prophet's words will always come true. God's Word is always true.
It is important for believers to read, know, and live God's Word daily.

Jeremiah 29 finds the prophet writing a letter to those in exile in Babylon. He encourages them that God has not forgotten them, but that they need to plan for a long stay in Babylon. He encourages them to hope and work for Babylon's success. This message did not go well with the exiled. Once again a false prophet named Shemaiah begins to say the opposite to the exiled. He calls Jeremiah a madman and that the exile would be short. Jeremiah once again reveals that Shermaiah is a false prophet. The king must have realized that Jeremiah was the true prophet of God because he does not punish Jeremiah.

There will always be someone saying the opposite of what God says. We see it every day. God says to aviod sin, but many say that sin is not really sin. God says there is only one way to heaven, but many today say that there are many ways to heaven. Who do we believe? We must always believe God's Word.

Jeremiah 30 begins a positive theme. He claims that God will restore the nation, make a new covenant with Israel, bring Israel back to the Promised Land, and honor the Davidic covenant.
All claims have been fulfilled. God is Faithful Always.

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