Wednesday, May 4, 2011

(LATE) Thursday April 28th

A note before I begin. This was last week’s blog. I had it written but forgot to post it. If you ever look for Thursday’s posting and by noon there is no blog posted; please call me. It means I forgot againJ

Before I was a believer in Christ I was very good pointing out reasons why I was not a believer in Christ. Most of those reasons revolved around the words and/ or actions of those who professed to be believers. I fully admit that most of my judgments were self centered and wrong but never the less it reminds me that the world is watching.

The reason I mention these things is that the speech from Elihu to Job reminds me of one of those conversations that I would’ve looked down upon. If I would’ve overheard Elihu’s words I do believe I would’ve said, “See… that’s why I’m not one of them.”

Numerous times throughout the passage Elihu twists Job’s own words and ideas in an attempt to show Job that he is somehow under the shadow of God’s judgment on his life. Can you imagine sitting near this conversation; seeing that the man listening has red, dry eyes from constant tears. Seeing that the man is covered in boils you lean in to hear what words of comfort and encouragement are being offered. What do you hear; a religious man espousing religiosity instead of godly truth and comfort. Is there anything more disgusting?

I know that today’s chapters are long but I am going to keep this short. Remember that we are to love like Jesus. People are watching our actions. They hear our words. Sometimes people just need someone to pray for them instead of praying “about” them. Lord have Your way because often times we don’t know exactly what You’re up to.

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