Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday February 15, 2011

In Judges 7, we see that Gideon is used to defeat the Midianites. The interesting truth is that God leans the army down to a size that when the victory is won there will be no question who won the victory and who deserved the glory. The Israelite army got down to the size of 300 while the Midianites were too many to count. The strategy was non-conventional to say the least but once again this victory did not come from military wisdom but from God's strength.

In Judges 8, we see two weaknesses of Gideon. First, he made an ephod for his hometown when an ephod was for the priest's garment and no reason to be in any place other than Jerusalem. Second, we see that he had many wives. In effect he struggled with money and women. What an interesting picture as we see the same struggle today in many lives.

In Judges 9-11, we see the next judge over Israel - Jephthah. Jephthah had a background that was not one to write home about. He was the son of a harlot but we see that God used him against His people's enemies. This is a reminder that God uses many different types pf people with all kinds of pasts. Our past does not determine our future but instead the Lord determines our future in spite of our past.

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