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Sunday, Feb. 20, 2011

Romans 15 & 16

In these chapters Paul concludes his letter to the people of Rome. Throughout this letter Paul addressed the following concepts:

Theological Perspective:
1) Man’s innate nature to sin
2) How salvation is obtained through faith in Jesus Christ
3) How faith in Jesus allows believers to be reconciled to God.
4) How laws, rituals and ethnicity do not bring about salvation.
5) Believers are to spread the Good News and live their new life to exemplify Christ.
6) Through God’s Mercy and Grace; we are blended into his family.

Daily Living Perspective:
1) Commit ourselves totally to God
2) Humility
3) Use gifts God has given us to reach others.
4) Respect authority
5) Sincerely LOVE your neighborhood

In Chap.15 & 16, Paul gives his final instructions. He encouraged everyone, both Jews and Gentiles, to live in order to please one another. In doing this, everyone is to give praise to God’s glory; for fulfilling his covenant to Abraham’s people and sending Jesus to die for our sins. Paul also warned the believers about those who would cause division and present false teaching. He gave encouragement to remain obedient and wise to what is right and remain innocent from wrong doing. His final encouragement was his statement about God soon crushing Satan under their feet. This is an image that even Christians today should hold on too. Even when things are at their worst, the God of Peace is victorious over Satan’s chaos, (CRUSHED).

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