Friday, February 18, 2011

Saturday, January 19

I don't know about anyone else, but I know that I love to be around children who love God. I love talking to kids and students that have learned something new about God. I love hearing young people share about how God has changed their lives.

In Matthew 18, we see a glimpse into the relationship that occurs between God and children. Jesus refers to children as the "greatest in the kingdom of God." This is not because adults aren't amazing creations of the Lord. It is because children are able to see God through humble eyes and minds. Jesus states that to see the kingdom of heaven we must humble ourselves like a child. I think it would be wise to spend more time looking at God through the lives of children.

As the chapter continues we see warnings of steering others in the wrong direction, away from God. We are told of the danger of causing people to stumble. As well, we see warnings and measures that we should take if we ourselves stumble.

Overall, I think that we see this amazing concept of how we must live our lives. We must be like a child, we must steer people towards God, and we place God first no matter the cost! These basic understandings can take the different shapes in different peoples lives but it is something we must all address in our lives in order to grow spiritually!

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