Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday, June 17, 2011

Today we begin our read of the prophet Ezekiel. This is one of my favorite books of prophecy.
Ezekiel begins with the famous inaugural vision. This opening sequence is the most elaborate and complex of the prophetic call narratives in the Old Testament, and also one of the most carefully structured. It begins with a vision in which Ezekiel witnesses the awesome approach of the glory of God (1:1-28). Ezekiel receives his prophetic commission through swallowing the scroll God offers (2:1-3:11). After the glory of God withdraws, his role is further refined by his appointment as a "watchman" (3:16-21). This sequence concludes with a further encounter with God's glory (3:22-27).

The next three chapters begin the chronological ordering of the downfall of Jerusalem. Ezekiel is commisssioned, equipped, and positioned to state God's judgment on Jerusalem.

As we begin the study of Ezekiel, I hope you will hand in there as move from past to future prophetic truths found in this book. The big question is always before us. "How is my relationship with God the Father through His Son Jesus?"

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