Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tuesday April 12 posting wednesday the 13th

In I Samuel 21-22, we see that david is on the run and goes tot he Phillistine city of Gath, the hometown of Goliath. He acts like a madman and the king after finding out who he is had no use of another madman to be in his court. David leaves and goes into a cave where many people who were in distress, discontented and who were in debt came alongside of him and joined up with him. This is a reminder to me of two important thoughts: first, you actract who you are and you better be careful who you are. Second, God can use anyone as these people would become David's mighty men. This would happen in spite of their circumstances that they had been facing. Good leadership and spiritual direction is to bring people up to a new place with the Lord in usefulness and intimacy with the Lord. May we not be quick to give up on the people that are around us.

In I Samuel 23-25, I notice that David deals with those whom God has placed in positions of authority with great precision and care. David protects the Priest Abiathar and we also see that when he gets a chance to take the life of Saul he makes the decision to not take it because he sees the king as God's anointed. I would encourage us all to look at people whom have been placed in positions of authority with great care and give them prayer even when we may not agree with them. This is true for those in political positions of leadership as well as positions of church leadership positions. This does nto mean that they are nto wrong at times and that we can't communicate it to them in the right way but we are to do so in the right attitude, atthe right time and not in public. David is a wonderful example of his care for God's anointed.

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