Monday, December 27, 2010


Welcome to the NorthWoods Church Bible reading plan blog. Our hope and prayer is that your time in God's Word is encouraging to your spirit, fruitful for your life and challenging to your walk with the Lord Jesus.

We will begin the program and blogging about the program on January 2nd. Each day of the week, a different minister on staff will be writing about that particular day's reading. Feel free to comment on each post and share what the Lord is teaching you as well!

We're anxiously anticipating this Bible journey together,

Your NorthWoods Church Staff

"Sanctify them in Your truth. Your Word is truth." John 17:17

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  1. Happy New Years to all,
    It is truly an honor to be writing the first blog on our journey through the Bible. I look forward to sharing my views and insight with you.
    Our first reading found in Romans 1 & 2 is truly special as it coincides with this time of the year. I will address this shortly. First in looking at Romans, Paul while in Corinth wrote this letter to an audience made up of mostly Jews, who were now believers in Christ and a growing number of Gentiles. Throughout the letter, Paul encouraged and voiced his desire to meet with the people in an effort to express his love, provide sound guidance in their walk in faith as well as to be rejuvenated by their companionship. These first chapters are powerful as they lay down the foundation of Christianity and describe the sinful man.
    In reviewing chapter 1, Paul laid out the case for the “Good News”. He gave the background on how Jesus was the fulfillment of the prophets in scripture. Paul provided evidence from King David’s family line to Jesus’ resurrection and ascension to be with his Father. He explained that the Good News was for everyone both Jews and Gentiles. Paul also clarified that the Good News declares that through faith in Christ, we are made right in God’s sight. For the remainder of chapter 1 and into chapter 2, Paul discussed the various images of sinful people. Weeks ago Pastor Bobby went over these images. In chap.1, Paul addressed the sinner who REFUSED to acknowledge God and his works. In Chap 2, Paul spoke about two other types of sinners that represented hypocrisy. The first are those believers, who judge others while performing sinful behaviors themselves. The second are those who show extreme religiosity and focus on the law but miss God’s will. Paul notes they will all be judge by God.
    Romans 1 is a chapter filled with several sermons. One could speak about humbling yourself as Paul did, or our authority and duty to witness to others. One could talk about the power of worshiping with other believers or about the salvation and sin mentioned above. As Paul opens up with explaining our need for Christ due to our sinful ways, I can’t help but to think of this time of the year. During Christmas the focus around the world is giving gifts and having that holiday spirit. We are reminded through these scriptures that we have received the greatest gift of all in Jesus Christ. Because of his love and sacrifice, we are made right and as Paul said we are made into apostles as we spread joy through telling everyone around us about the wonderful gift of LIFE we have received.
    Not only is Christmas represented but also the celebration of a New Year. During this time people often make new commitments or rededicate themselves towards a behavior that will benefit their life. It is this coming of a new year that people hope for new opportunities and prosperity. It’s our desire during this time to shed our tarnished and debilitating shell and dawn new, clean and productive forms. What we need to understand as believers is we have the opportunity, at any time, to humble ourselves and come to the perfect gift in Jesus and make ourselves anew. To let him wash our sins away and take on a new form that reflects his love for us. As far as the holiday spirit, we should acknowledge the Holy Spirit’s constant presence in us to love and care for one another. We should truly be thankful for what the Lord has given us.